Thursday, September 15, 2005

Workshop: Monday Sept. 19, 5:30pm

Lingguang Song was kind enough to open up his class' workshop to all of the Engineering Technology graduate students. Faculty are also welcome to come. I'm pasting his notice here:

A library workshop will be offered by the Research and Instructional Services of the University Libraries to graduate students in the Engineering Technology department. The workshop features:

 Introduction to the UH Libraries
 Searching in the library catalog and databases
o Review the basics of searching
o Introduce more advanced searches as well as the tricks for finding resources
 Effective Internet searching
o Review searching techniques and research tools, such as Google Scholar


5:30-7:00PM, Monday, September 19, 2005


Room 10G, M.D. Anderson Library. 10G is in the basement of the library. To get there, walk straight through the lobby and go down the stairs or elevator. The classroom is to the right from the stairs or to the left from the elevator.


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